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Paintball Masta

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For sale!!!! [26 Nov 2006|07:53am]


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Paintball Gear! [25 Nov 2006|01:02am]

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This place has tonnes of paintball gear!!

Gorilla Surplus – All Your Surplus Needs for Almost 40 Years!

Check out Gorilla Surplus for

- Paintball Guns (Spyder, Tippman etc.)
- New and Used Camo Gear
- Paintball Accessories
- Customized Shirts, Jackets, Caps
- Stab Proof Vests (only supplier in B.C.)
- Bullet Proof Vests (class 3A, class 2)
- Largest Selection of Air guns and Accessories
- Crossbows and Accessories
- German, Canadian, US, British and other military surplus
- Cold weather gear
- Boots (Work, Combat, Jungle, Desert, Parade, Gortex and more!)
- Tactical Gear
- Pepper and Bear Spray
- Self Defense Gear
- Military and Civilian Raingear
- Camping Gear, Tent, Sleeping Bags
- Urban Fashions
- Much, Much More!

Check us out at…
1458 E. Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia
9:30am-6:30pm Monday-Saturday OR
Order Online at www.gorillasurplus.com
We accept MasterCard, Money Order, Pay Pal or Visa

For inquiries:
Call 604-879-8891 or toll free 1-866-879-8891
E-mail info@gorillasurplus.com

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A new beginning [02 Jan 2006|09:11pm]

Played a bit of ball today in what seems like a rather long time. I started with my ninja agg Lasoya (These terms, are we done with them yet?), and although I could not let it rip, I think it needs to be lubed is all, it shot beautifully. It's for sale if anyone is interested. Then, I went to AF, Angel of Wrath, my FSPed Viking, many thanks to Jared of DC for such an awesome job, and it shot so nicely. Tadao has got to be the best board out there. Then I ended with my 05 framed white Ironman Intimidator. That is what dreams are made of. There is a reason that is my baby. A beautiful beginning of the year for paintball for me. Now if I can just play more ball in 2006..........

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City assignments in NPPL [25 Aug 2005|10:58am]

So hypothetically, what happens to the city assignments of the bottom three teams when the get dropped this year to Semi-pro? Let's say DC Arsenal don't make the cut at the end of this year. Nor do they do it at the end of 06. But Entourage make it at the end of 06. Are they allowed to take DC as their city affiliation? And what if Entourage still remain in the Pro category in 07, and Arsenal return. Who gets DC? I figure that NPPL will not let a team take on a city affiliation for a set amount of time if another team had it and failed to make the cut. But how long is the time frame, and what happens if another team does get the city affiliation and then the original team returns? This inquiring mind would like to know.

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guns [09 Aug 2005|09:28pm]
[ mood | sell ]

hey every one i was wondering if any one was looking for a gun nothin amazin but ok. it is a spyder sonix with all upgrades if you want to know more a bout it let me know i will try to get a pic of it up and also i was thinking about selling my mag let me know ok

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Milled within a millimeter of it's life...... [26 Jul 2005|05:27pm]

Well, today, my Viking that I just got about a month and a half or so ago, got stripped and shipped to DC to get the FSP milling. I have before pictures, you will just have to wait for the after stuff. Oh, and the anno that it will have is something that Warhammer players will be able to identify with: Soul Drinker.

I will show you pics of it when I get it back.

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[03 Jul 2005|12:52pm]

Hi there. My name is Simon. I am 21 and I have been playing paintball for about 6 months now (Late starter I know!) I have recently started playing for a UK team called Team Halo. I am using A Smart Parts Ion which I have upgraded with a clamping feedneck, Smart parts S rail and A newdesignz Triger. I will post some pics shortly.

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Tournament Announcement, Please help our band! [29 Jun 2005|10:37am]

During the week of July 20th, there will be a speedball/woodball tournament hosted by me and my team. This tournament costs $10 a head to play for two days of paintball. Rental guns are available, but in short supply. Concessions may be available, but i'm not certain at this time.

The playing feild is 235 acres of unadalterated Oklahoman Beauty with five ponds, beautiful southeastern forest, and plainsland. Set bases are a beautifully designed barn and a base dug 6 feet underground, complete with tunnels, sniper turrets, and more cover than you can shake a timmy at. Also available is a speedball course designed within a junkpile. This will make for some very interesting tournament play.
This tournament is to benefit the Kingston High School Band after the loss of our beloved director. Myself and the rest of the band leadership wish to start our last year fresh so our younger musician comrades can be well set for their next years.

Any and all players are welcome, regardless of skill level. Markers can be rented for $15 dollars a gun, including CO2. CO2 can be refilled for $4.50 a tank. Please be aware I only have twelve rental guns available, three of which are stock class. Fireworks will be in use, and may be purchased at the tournament. (at this time, I do not have a price guide available for the fireworks.) Fireworks will be used primarily for strategic purposes such as distractions and signals. Assault vehicles may also be used if you have such access. I am medically adept, and in possession of proper medical supplies should an emergency arise.

If you have any questions regarding the tournament, or would like to register ahead of time, I can be contacted by email at

Or by phone, (580) 564-2928. (ask for Jordan) Please do not call after 10 pm.

Please help our band. This is our last year to with it, and we want to better it all that we can. Thank you, and have a great day.

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[31 May 2005|10:24am]

can anyone make my life easier and tell me how in the hell to put a replacement invision lens, i tried the water thing but still it does not work . ok thanks

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[23 May 2005|12:06am]

New Cobra G7Collapse )

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[25 Apr 2005|08:00pm]

hey guys i went to orlando PSP it was good. Well i bought a halo with a rip drive but im not sure if im doing something wrong but it turn on when it wants and also i dont know what the rip drive does so anny help wold be great. Also does anyone know the odyssey web site?

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My weekend of war! [18 Apr 2005|05:12pm]

It's a tired joke, but I still use it. The town where I went to go and shoot motherfuckers, is named Mollala. They sell both kinds of cars there, new and used. Anyway, on with some pictures and the story:
Read more...Collapse )<img src="http://

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Civil War [15 Apr 2005|12:49pm]

Okay guys, it the time of the year for 400+ screaming idiots to run around the woods near Molalla, Oregon and shoot the hell out of each other. Personally, with my freshly converted white Ironman with a 2K5 frame, I am gonna mow mad muppets faces off. I said that right? Anyway, hopefully, I will have some pictures to post in a few days when I get back.

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FOR SALE or TRADE [25 Mar 2005|02:05am]

[ mood | happy ]

The title says it all but the history of this gun is that I bought it originally and after ahile in the closet I thought it need a overhaul and thats what I had my tech do to it, the gun is totally redone and is MINT!


- NYX #112 BattleShip Grey
- NEW O-rings
- NEW Anderson Board that it modified to a Switch instead of Laser Beam, which makes it even faster
- NEW Contract Killer Grips
- Full Freak Kit Aluminum Back with 14" AA front all Black
- CCM Lowrise
- NEW Grip frame for Solinoid housing and Anderson board ( Looks very nice)
- NEW CP Trigger
- NEW Toxic Performance Reg, Very Good
- NEW off my EGO a matching grey/black ASA with drop and on/off
- PBC Front Reg
- NEW Matrix Barrel Condom
- External eyes, very unique looking
- Gun goes an easy 20bps...

PRICE: Lookign for a 900 or so, can add tank and a Empire Halo with Aluminum Drive cone.
Only trades are a sweet computer if u have that! POST!

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[09 Feb 2005|09:39am]

[ mood | blah ]

hello my name is ashley

i am currently selling a good lcd angel on ebay if any one is interested you should go check it out



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[18 Jan 2005|01:04pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello, my name is August and I am in the process of creating an airsoft/painball/general tactical simulations magazine. What I need is some serious articles, reviews, and lots of pictures from real people who really play!

Contributers could:
-Write articles relating to airsoft/paintbal
-Write reviews of new products
-Write their own opinion about anything airsoft/paintball
-Provide a list of airsoft events happening in their town
-Contribute pictures of their group playing
-Pictures of your best injuries, along with a description of what happened, who shot you, etc..
-Ect! Anything you can think of related to airsoft or paintball, I'll take!

If any of you are interested, please email me at Spokane_August@yahoo.com. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I am writing an article for said magazine regarding poison oak and I was hoping to get some quotes from players who have dealt with this irritant in their past playing experiences. Please email your quotes, with your full name, age and location to Spokane_august@yahoo.com.


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[16 Jan 2005|07:42pm]

Just joined and thought I'd share with the community the marker package that I have for sale. Thanks!

I have the perfect package for anyone just getting involved with paintball as well as any rec ball / woods paintball player for a very small price. It is a Kingman Spyder E99 Avant Marker that was well taken care of by its owner.

Email me with any questions about the package or price that you may have!

Kingman Spyder E99 Avant Package:

1. E99 Avant (Green)
2. 20oz CO2 Tank W/ New O-Ring (Hydro Before 11/08)
3. Standard Googles
4. Smoke Empire Revolution Hopper
5. Evo2 Egg Hopper With Z Board (You Will Not Out Shoot THIS Hopper With The E99)
6. 4 Orange Pods & Black Harness (Very Light)
7. Check It Aluminum Feed Neck Adapter Slip Combo
8. Java 9V Rechargeable Battery + Charger (Not Shown)
9. 32 Degrees Barrel Condom
10. 200 Round Plastic Hopper
11. Spyder Parts Kit
12. Goggle Cleaner Container (Not Shown)
13. Black Gun Stand W/ 6 Pod Holders


I upgraded the gun's feedneck to a Check It Aluminum Feed Neck Adapter Slip Combo (Guaranteed not to break!) and I put a new steel line on it. I also decreased the trigger pull to allow for faster "walking" of the trigger and increase in BPS rate.



Money Order Or PayPal



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TIPPMAN 98 CUSTOM [10 Jan 2005|12:00am]

hey everyone,

i don't know anything about paintball guns or if this particular gun is any good but i'm selling it for a friend of mine on ebay. if anyone's interested check it out. It's a Tippmann 98 Custom in good condition.


p.s. if this type of post is unacceptable I will gladly delete it right away. i don't wanna bother anyone. :)

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[10 Dec 2004|11:28pm]

I am selling my 2001 Smarts Parts Eclipse Shocker verticle feed with 3000 psi Air America nitrogen tank and neoprene cover. The marker has Dye sticky grips and a blade trigger with side tap. (tap the side of the trigger and it fires.) I am also including the stock All American 14" barrel as well as a 14" Boomstick barrel. Also has a drop foward. This marker is in good condition. Makes a great Christmas present.

Anyone want to buy this marker that has served me well in tournaments and rec play?

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Blade: Trinity [08 Dec 2004|06:27pm]

The guards wear VForce Armor masks. Kinda cool and kinda lame at the same time.

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